Metal Products Company is a Kuwait based manufacturing company for galvanized steel profiles for ceiling, partition and cladding system. We also manufacture Gypsum Tiles, Gypsum perforated tiles, metal ceiling tiles and much more to meet the various requirements of our customers. Our ability to manufacture according to project requirements in terms of thickness, size, length and dimensions make us to be the unique company that provides full project requirements.


Our production is based on German specification by "Richter System" and our technical team can provide with any supports required from the design to final completion of projects.

Our products are approved by the Ministers and Consulting offices in Kuwait and aboard.

Quality Policy 

Metal Products Company is committed to QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS, to all its clients and will:

  • Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations:

    • Manufacture products, which meet customer specifications.

    • Strive to meet customer's target values.

    • Monitor customer satisfaction.

  • Deliver on time.

    • Dispatch on the date required by the customer.

    • Monitor on-time delivery performance.

  • Reduce costs to the lowest possible level and still maintain high quality standards.

    • Establish Cost Reduction comparisons.

    • Monitor the Cost of Quality

General Manager

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