Clip-In Tiles 

Metal Ceiling panels are available in a wide range of patterns and finishs to meet any performance and aesthetic demand.

The Tegular and Lay-in ceiling panels are ideal for commercial and public areas. They can be easily removed allowing a practical access above as well as a routine inspection of the equipment.

Clip-in panels are ideally suited to hospitals where smooth and washable surface are required for hygienic reasons. All the ceilings can be supplied With suitable modular light fixtures that are easy to install thanks to the versatility of the ceiling.


Panels can be perforated and provided with a sound absorbent tissue on the back, making them excellent for acoustical insulation.

The expertise of our technical department and the versatility of our production plant allow us to carry out special solutions for projects with metal ceilings needs custom to there design and measures.


Clip in is a system characterized by a concealed grid, which gives the ceiling a monolithic apperance

The panels are especially suitable for buildings where Smooth and Washable surfaces are required for hygienic reason.

Technical Properties


  • Pre-painted aluminium : 0.5 and 0.6 mm

  • Pre-painted galvanized steel :0.5 mm ( other thickness can be provided)


  • 600 x 600 mm , Beveled Edge ( other sizes are available )


  • Clip-In 


  • Aluminium thickness 0.5 mm :     1.58 Kg /sq meter

  • Aluminium thickness 0.6 mm :     1.89 Kg /sq meter

  • Steel thickness 0.5 mm:               4.60 Kg /sq meter 


  • white: RAL 9010

  • Silver: RAL 9006

Other colors are available upon request




Perforation and Acoustical Absorption

Mpc's holes are 2 mm and perforated area covers 25%.

The wide range of perforation can satisfy any acoustical demand. Standard version panels can be supplied with a non perforated margin of 10 mm, alternatively the non perforated margin can be matched to your request for example 100 mm margin with 400 X 400 mm perforated area.

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