Cladding Systems

Dry Wall Partition

System Assembly
The Stud Upright Sections are placed into the Track Connecting sections secured to the floor and ceiling. The Wall Covering is fitted to both sides and is made Up of gypsum board panels (regular type).In the F30 version product, We Use the F-type gypsum board panels to DIN 18180. The insulating material insert depends on the Stipulations with respect to fire protection and soundproofing requirements. The lightweight partition Walls 56.1 to 56.6 permit custom planning to suit individual needs and ensures an Optimum Usage of the room Space. Versions 56.2, 56.4 and 56.6 can be Used for an increased protection against fire required Up to products of class F30. For additional protection against fire risks, We can provide you With the technical details of products uo to class F60, F90 and D120. power and Water supply systems can be installed in the Wall cavity Without any difficulties.
Technical Data Properties 
Connection Details 
Technical Data 
Stud and Track

Application Features

The non-loading bearing partitions have the following advantages Over the traditional partition: 

  • Efficient dry  Construction

  • Gains in floor Space

  • Low partition Weight

  • Fire resistance F30

  • Suitable for civil defense applications

  • Proven applications.


             -Prefabricated buildings

             -Offices and administrative building




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