Grid System 

Our exposed ceiling systems are manufactured from high quality galvanized Steel With Sturdy double Web Construction for strength and Stability. These systems combine durability of the product as Well as the economic feature.


Exposed ceiling grids are ideal for offices, department stores and hospitals. The suspended ceiling system is the practical choice to access the area above the ceiling for anytime maintenance and service.

  • The MPC Grid System finished with high quality pre-painted galvanized steel capping materials
  • The engineering/tooling is designed by Chicago Metalic - one of the worlds leading producers of suspension systems.
  • All grid components feature positive-lock coupling mechanism that interlock without the need for tools.
  • The joggle end cross T prevent T rotation.
  • The standard joggled end cross T provides complete smooth joint, eliminating gaps between main and cross T and it ensures rigidity a fixtures.

The suspended ceiling market trend is moving away from concealed suspension systems adopting various patented methods with exposed grid systems that connect main tees to Cross tees and that are quick, accurate, easy to install for On-site operatives and are less expensive to the customers. The exposed system is also convenient and practical for maintenance, installing lighting and other hanging systems. The advantages of installing the MPC exposed grid system are not limited to the following:

  • Fully demountable.

  • Combination of the exposed grid systems advantages - economic, popular, accurate – and the concealed grid system ceiling aesthetic advantage,

  • quicker installation.

  • Existing exposed grid system ceilings can be changed to concealed type ceilings at will or when the replacement maintenance occurs (preferably every 10 gears) Without removing the existing exposed grid system.

  • The new edge detail concealed ceiling tiles are fixed to the exposed grid system Within the depth of the exposed grid.

Technical Properties 
Installation Method
  1. The wall angles (L-Trim or W-Trim) are first fixed to the required ceiling height level.

  2. The hangers are the fixed to the ceiling slabs at 1200 mm and not more than 150 mm from the wall end.

  3. The main T-bar are the attached to the hanger and aligned to the ceiling level required at distances that do not exceed 1200 mm from each other and 150 mm distance from the wall end.

  4. The cross T-bar (4 ft) are then attached to the mail T-bar at 1200 mm, then the cross T-bar (2 ft) are attached to the cross T-bar (4 ft) at 600 mm.

  5. The lay-in tiles are then fixed on.

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