Laminated Ceiling Tiles

GYPTILE ceiling products are made of natural gypsum. The inherent natural properties of gypsum ensures  that GYPTILE ceiling system are are fire safe, acoustically competent and have a relative humidity resistance to sag/bend . The core of the product is a gypsum plasterboard are added with vinyl film and red vinyl backing.


GYPTILE anti-microbial and anti-fungal products prevent contamination and risk infection. It is fire safe and has optimal light reflection properties. It is available in a Wide range of texture.




GYPTILE ceiling products can be used in the following type of structures:

  • Hospitals and Laboratories

  • Office buildings

  • Residential buildings

  •  Restaurants and Food preparation areas

  • Recreational facilities

  • Washrooms

  • Protected outdoor Environments.

Edge Detail and Suspension System
Panel Size / Thickness
Gyptile Ceiling Textures

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