Aluminium Strip Ceiling F

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Installation Guide

When preparing for the installation, the ceiling area is first measured and then divided up so that the carriers can be placed at distances not exceeding 1.2m. The positions of the Wire hangers are marked on structural Soffit, taking into consideration not to exceed the distance of 1.2m between hangers along the carriers. Carrier adjustment clips should be aligned With accuracy. The height of the carriers adjacent to the wall should be corrected first, and then the remaining can be leveled. Panels and fillers are last clipped on the carriers.

Aluminium Strip Ceiling

Ceiling Access Panel

Ceiling Access Panel



  • Easy to install,

  • Durability: the Strips are provided with a long lasting, high quality paint finish.

  • Flexible design options: MPC strips suitable for a great number of applications such as in hospitals, offices, shops, exhibitions, Centers, airports, Wet areas, etc. The Strips provide an easy access at any point for instant maintenance of services installed above ceiling.


Fire Classifications

  • The products are fire resistant and Comply With the BS Standard 476 part 7.


Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

  • The needs of thermal and acoustic insulation can be achieved with the application of absorbing pads or other insulating materials.

  • Specification depending on thermal and acoustic requirements.


Services integration

The system easily accommodates essential facilities such as:

  • The modular light fittings and spotlights, air diffusers of different shapes (linear, square or round).

  • security devices, water sprinkles and smoke detectors.


A Wide range of colors of pre-painted aluminum are available.

Storage and Handling

  • Ceiling Components must be stored in a dry clean location.

  • Special care must be taken during handling to avoid damages.



  • Dust should be removed from the surface by Wiping With a clean Soft cloth.

  •  Grease and fingerprints should be removed With a mild household cleaner suitable for this Use.

  •  The use of abrasive cleaners Or Scrubbing the surface is prohibited.

Installation Guide

  1. The Wall angles are first fixed to the required ceiling levels.

  2. The hangers are fixed to the ceiling slabs at 1200 mm C.C. and not more than 150m from Wall end.

  3. The CARRIERS are then attached to the hangers and aligned to the required ceiling level and the distance between the carriers should be maximum 1200 mm C.C. while it should not exceed 150 mm distance from Wall end.

  4. Then the panels Will be attached to the carriers as per the ceiling layout

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