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Access Panel


MPC manufactures gypsum ceiling access panels to fix on gypsum boards ceiling that can be easily installed. This allows easy access into the ceiling void above for maintenance and service.

Our access panels are made of gypsum board framed in extruded Aluminium powder coated panel alloy: 6063, hardness (temper): T-5, B.S. 1474 - Alloy: HE9. Installation is quick and simple. With all the different size options available, you can conceal the rough opening in your ceiling to provide a finished look. The frame surround enables the panel to be inserted directly into the adequate size ceiling opening and screw fixed into position. A security lock can also be installed if required.

They can be painted or wallpapered to match any decor for a pleasing look. Based on specifications you can choose from a range of gypsum types, which are (regular / waterproof / fire resistant). We also have the options to choose from different gypsum board thickness which are 12.5mm or 15mm. Metal Products Company offers slim, cost effective solutions with maximum architectural sophistication and functionality for its clients.

Standard Size:
300 X 300
400 X 400
500 X 500
600 X 600
Other sizes are available on request.

Installation Guide

  • Mark the area in which the panel has to be fixed. Cut the marked area to suit the preassembled panel.
  • Using drywall screws, fix the complete panel assembly to the gypsum ceiling.
  • Fix screws heads with jointing compound, ceiling is finished smooth readyfor painting.
  • 1.Aluminium Extruded Panel Powder Coated
  • 2.Hinges
  • 3.Roller Catch
  • 4.Stopper For Roller Catch
  • 5.Chain
  • 6.Gypsum Board 12.50 / 15MM
  • 7.Screw

Access Panel


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