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Furring Cladding System


Furring cladding profiles are manufactured from roll formed hot dipped galvanized steel coils and are available in different sizes and thickness. Our profiles can be assembled on all types of gypsum boards, cement boards & acoustical boards.

The profiles are manufactured from materials that comply with ASTM C 653M. Our finished profiles comply with ASTM C 645.

Galvanization coating (standard G40 (Z120) as per ASTM C 645). Standard profiles are produced in 3 meter length. Other galvanization coating requirements or lengths can be supplied upon request on minimum ordering quantity.

The system includes furring channels, gypsum boards / cement boards / acoustic gypsum boards etc apart from the normal accessories like joint compound fillers, screws, nails etc.

Installation Guide

  • Furring channels are vertically fixed and aligned at 400 / 600mm c.c to the wall.
  • The gypsum boards, cement boards or acoustic gypsum boards are longitudinally fixed with suitable fasteners to the furring channel at a distance of 250 mm c.c.
  • All joints are taped, and jointing compound is applied. Cladding is finished smooth ready for painting.
  • 1.Furring Channel (FC 35 / FC 50)
  • 2.Gypsum / Cement Board / Gypboard Acoustic
  • 3.Dry Wall Screws
  • 4.Fiber Tape
  • 5.Fisher

Furring Cladding System

Profiles Length (MM) Reference Dimension (MM) Thickness (MM)
Standard Special Order
Furring Channel 3000 FC 35 70 X 22 0.45 0.50-0.90
FC 50 85 X 22 - 0.45 - 0.90

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