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CD60 Ceiling System


CD60 ceiling systems consist of durable, lightweight products suitable for the use in both direct fix and fully suspended concealed ceiling systems. This system is suitable for fixing gypsum boards, cement boards & acoustic gypsum boards.

Galvanization coating G40 (Z120). Standard profiles are produced in 3 meter lengeth. Other galvanization coating requirements or lengths can be supplied upon minimum ordering quantity.

The system includes CD60, U28, gypsum boards / cement boards / acoustic gypsum boards etc. apart from the normal accessories like joint compound fillers, screws, nails etc.

Installation Guide

  • The U28 runners are first fixed to the required ceiling levels.
  • The hangers (seam / rod) are then fixed to the ceiling slabs at 1200mm c.c.
  • The CD60 (main channel) are then attached to the hangers and aligned to the required ceiling level at 1200mm c.c.
  • The CD60 studs are then clipped to the main channels at 400 / 600mm c.c.
  • The gypsum boards, cement boards or acoustic gypsum boards are longitudinally fixed with suitable fasteners to the CD60 at a distance of 250mm c.c.
  • All joints are taped, and jointing compund is applied. Ceiling is finished smooth ready for painting.
1. CD60 Stud
2. U28 Runner
3. Anchor Angle
4. CD Connector
5. Gypsum / Cement Board / Gypboard Acoustic
6. Ceiling Nail Seam System
6A. Seam
6B. CD Seam Bracket
7. Fisher Steel 6MM Rod System
7A. Threaded Rod 6MM
7B. Nut 6MM
7C. CD Rod Bracket
8 Dry Wall Screws

CD60 Ceiling System

Profiles Length (MM) Dimension (MM) Thickness (MM)
Standard Special Order
CD60 Stud 3000 60 X 28 0.45 0.50 - 0.70
U28 Runner 3000 28 X 28 0.45 0.50 - 0.70

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