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MPC Acoustic Gypsum Tiles


MPC manufactures GYPTILE – acoustic gypsum perforated ceiling tiles. These tiles are produced from gypsum boards with high purity natural gypsum core which are produced in accordance to EN 520 and ASTM C 1396 standards.

Testing Standard:

  • ASTM E84, Classified under Class A.
  • ASTM C423-02a, NRC : 0.55

Areas of Application:

  • Housing & Commercial Buildings
  • Offices & Administrative Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Prefabricated Buildings etc.


  • Lay In – Exposed.

Available Sizes:

  • 600 X 600mm
    For Imperial System
  • 600 X 1210mm
    For Imperial System
  • 595 X 595mm
    For Metric System
  • 595 X 1195mm
    For Metric System
  • Note
    Other Sizes on request


  • Edge
  • Thickness
    9.0 / 12.50mm
  • Perforation
    R6 / 15 (Round 6mm, 15mm c/c)
    S3 / 8.3 (Square 3 X 3, 8.3mm c/c)
  • Face
    White Painted
  • Back
    Sound Absorbent felt

Installation Guide

  • The wall angles or w angles are first fixed to the required ceiling levels.
  • The hangers (seam / rod) are then fixed to the ceiling slabs at 1200 / 1220 mm c.c
  • The main runner (12ft) are then attached to the hanger and aligned to the ceiling level required at distances of 1200 / 1220 mm c.c.
  • The cross tee (4ft) are then attached to the main runner (12ft).
  • The cross tee (2ft) are attached to the cross tee (4ft).
  • The Lay In tiles are then fixed.

Gyptile Perforated

Square Hole

Round Hole

Perforation : S3 / 8.3
(Square 3 X 3mm, 8.3mm c / c)

Perforation : R6 / 15
(Round 6mm, 15mm c / c)

1. Wall Angle
1A. W Angle
2. Main Runner (12ft)
3. Cross Tee (4ft)
4. Cross Tee (2ft)
5. Fisher Steel 6MM Rod System
5A. Threaded Rod 6MM
5B. Tee Rod Hanger
5C. Nut 6MM
6. Ceiling Nail Seam System
6A. Seam
6B. Double Spring Clips
7. Gyptile Perforated

Gyptile Perforated With Grid System

Gyptile Perforated (Lay In)

Exposed System Metric / Imperial (Lay In)


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