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CD60 Cladding System


CD60 cladding system is a method of creating false cladding using gypsum boards / cement boards / acoustic gypsum boards to metal structure so as to provide a smooth wall where additional decorations can be applied.

Galvanization coating G40 (Z120). Standard profiles are produced in 3 meter length. Other galvanization coating requirements or lengths can be supplied upon request on minimum ordering quantity.

The system includes CD60, U28, gypsum boards / cement boards / acoustic gypsum boards etc apart from the normal accessories like joint compound fillers, screws, nails etc.

Installation Guide

  • The U28 runners are first fixed to floor and ceilings.
  • CD60 studs are then vertically fixed and aligned at 400 / 600mm c.c to the wall.
  • The gypsum boards, cement boards or acoustic gypsum boards are longitudinally fixed with suitable fasteners to the CD60 at a distance of 250 mm c.c.
  • All joints are taped, and jointing compound is applied. Cladding is finished smooth ready for painting.
  • 1.CD60 Stud
  • 2.U28 Runner
  • 3.Steel L Bracket
  • 4.Gypsum / Cement Board / Gypboard Acoustic
  • 5.Dry Wall Screws
  • 6.Fisher
  • 7.Fiber Tape

CD60 Cladding System

Profiles Length (MM) Dimension (MM) Thickness (MM)
Standard Special Order
CD60 Stud 3000 60 X 28 0.45 0.50 - 0.70
U28 Runner 3000 28 X 28 0.45 0.50 - 0.70

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