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Grid System


Our exposed ceiling grid systems are manufactured from high quality galvanized steel with sturdy double web construction for strength and stability. These systems combine durability of the product as well as the economic feature.

Exposed ceiling grids are ideal for offices, department stores, hospitals etc. The suspended ceiling system is the practical choice to access the void area above the ceiling for anytime maintenance and service. These grids can be used for fixing our gyptile, metal ceiling tiles, MPC acoustic gypsum ceiling tiles etc.


  • The MPC Grid System is finished with high quality pre painted galvanized steel capping materials.
  • All grid components feature positive-lock coupling mechanisms that interlock without the need for tools.
  • The joggles end cross tee prevent grid rotation.
  • The standard joggled end cross tee provide complete smooth joint, eliminating gaps between main and cross tee and ensure rigidity at fixtures.

Benefits and Advantages

  • The suspended ceiling tee grids are quick, accurate, easy to install.
  • The exposed system is also convenient and practical for maintenance, installing lighting and other hanging systems.
  • Fully demountable.
  • Easy installation.

Installation Guide

  • The wall angles or w angles are first fixed to the required ceiling levels.
  • The hangers (seam / rod) are then fixed to the ceiling slabs at 1200 / 1220 mm c.c.
  • The main runner (12ft) are then attached to the hanger and aligned to the ceiling level required at distances of 1200 / 1220 mm c.c.
  • The cross tee (4ft) are then attached to the main runner (12 ft).
  • The cross tee (2ft) are attached to the cross tee (4ft).
  • The Lay In tiles are then fixed.
1. Wall Angle
1A. W Angle
2. Main Runner (12 ft)
3. Cross Tee (4 ft)
4. Cross Tee (2 ft)
5. Fisher Steel 6MM Rod System
5A. Threaded Rod 6MM
5B. Tee Rod Hanger
5C. Nut 6MM
6. Ceiling Nail Seam System
6A. Seam
6B. Double Spring Clips

MPC Tee Grid

Main Runner
(12 ft)

Main Runner
HD (12 ft)

Cross Tee
(4 & 2 ft)

Cross Tee
HD (4 & 2 ft)

Wall Angle

W Angle

Profiles Length (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Thickness (MM)
Main Runner - LD (12ft) 3600 / 3660 24 38 0.35
Cross Tee - LD (4ft) 1200 / 1220 24 28 0.30
Cross Tee - LD (2ft) 600 / 610 24 28 0.30
Profiles Length (MM) Width (MM) Height (MM) Thickness (MM)
Main Runner - HD (12ft) 3600 / 3660 24 38 0.35
Cross Tee - HD (4ft) 1200 / 1220 24 38 0.35
Cross Tee - HD (2ft) 600 / 610 24 38 0.35
Profiles Length (MM) Shape Size (MM) Thickness (MM)
Wall Angle 3000 L 24 X 24 0.45
W Angle 3000 W 24 X 20 X 20 X 15 0.45

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